It’s a jagged little pill

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What I learned about love growing up really confused me. I had extremely surface level relationships until I upended my life for an abusive codependent relationship. I didn’t know that for years though, of course.

I left that relationship more confused about love than I was when I entered it. Then as Iyanla says, I did the work. I learned what was unhealthy about my past relationships and my role in them.

Namely, I had low expectations of others, extremely high expectations of myself, and low self-esteem. I also had undying loyalty and I thought unconditional love was mandatory. …

When the truth doesn’t fit into a narrative

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[Possible trigger warning below, sexual trauma mentioned]

One of the worst things you can do to your reputation as a woman is to sleep with or be in a relationship with a married man. It’s not nearly as bad when the married man cheats on his wife, nor is there much accountability for single men who sleep with married women. Nevertheless women are expected to be responsible for men’s morality.

In my case and (as I understand it) Sia’s case, we weren’t afforded the information necessary to guide the moral choices of the men we were involved with (though that…

Nori Ji

Lover of nature, seeker of truth, writer of words.

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